Endorsement of Tony Ferrentino for O.C. Superior Court Judge

A letter from your Newport Beach Police Association:

August 14, 2019

Dear Community Members and Voters,

The Newport Beach Police Association believes strongly in being an active participant in local, county, and state elections. We understand that these elected officials have the important task of charting the course for our community, ensuring a high level of public safety and safeguarding our neighborhoods.

With that in mind, the Newport Beach Police Association is happy to announce we are proudly endorsing Tony Ferrentino for O.C. Superior Court Judge. Tony’s 22 years as a Deputy District Attorney give him the experience needed to be the Judge our community deserves. Tony’s track record of fighting to keep our community safe, along with his continued partnership with local law enforcement make him an easy choice for the Newport Beach Police Association. We are proud to support Tony, knowing he will be a Judge that will focus on keeping our community safe in a fair, impartial, and ethical manner.

Any questions regarding this letter can be directed to the NBPA President Alex Maslin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind Regards,
NBPA Board of Directors

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